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  Beijing Wu Luan Zhao Yan Law Firm was established in March 1994, it is one of the law firms since China adopted reform and opening up the first partner to manage the system.

  After years of steady development, Wu Luan Zhao Yan law firm through the joint efforts of all lawyers, partners and staff, made the recognition of our customers and the legal profession, and formed a most serious, diligent featuring professional style. Advocating honesty, timely and efficient, Jan positive suppressing evil, from start to finish, is conscious of the lawyers code of conduct to follow.

  Customer Wu Luan Zhao Yan law firm widely distributed in China, the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and China's Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. Involved in the industry covering the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, computers, electronics, automotive, real estate development, architectural design, property management, hotel management, investment, finance and securities, advertising, media, information technology, publishing, printing, consulting services , trade, food, dining, and entertainment industries.

  Wu Luan Zhao Yan law firm with accounting firms, asset appraisal institution, credit investigation agency, business consultancy, foreign investment in services, auction houses and other intermediary institutions to establish a stable and cooperative relations, can be for a variety of high quality and high demand provide timely and efficient full-service customers.